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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Another weekend over.

Its been a busy week and a good but tiring weekend. Shooting was great but freezing yesterday! Rog Fern & Luke came and its the 1st time Rog has seen Olli work this season. He was a star all day, worked well and improving his scent work all the time so I was really pleased and Rog was suitably impressed and full of praise for my training, which was so nice to hear. On the last drive we were on top of a large hill, with the wind whistling around our ears, all going blue! when the gun in front of us shot a pigeon. It was the 1st time I had had the opportunity to see if Olli would pick up a pigeon, as a lot of dogs will only pick pheasants. He watched it drop, ran over, hesitated for just a second looking surprised at the smaller bird, but then gently picked it up and brought it straight back. Fantastic!!!!! I was so thrilled and he has proved that he really is an amazing gun dog. Pigeon breast for me for tea tonight!

When we got home from the shoot it was all hands to the pumps. Our neighbour was out at a wedding so we had her 7 dogs to feed and walk, horses to check, and then blitz our house and I had food to cook for 11. Beef in red wine, Chicken madras and Moroccan lamb with 22 jacket potatoes was ready on the table for our friends at 8 and it all went down very well! We played charades, sung karaoke and drunk a few too many beers but had a great night, eventually going to bed at 2am. Great end to a great day and needless to say Rog & I have been very lazy today. The 1st time for months we have not had a competition to go to or equipment to deliver. Made the most of a day off. Fern bless her has been working today at the pub/restaurant where she is a waitress. She'll sleep well tonight!
Oh well nearly Christmas!!!!!

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