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Monday, 24 November 2008

Monday. :-(

Had a busy and frustrating weekend. Shooting Saturday and what a disaster! Too many guns had their dogs with them, and not particularly well behaved or on leads, so every bird that came down was mobbed by 2 or more dogs. It's not how it should be on a proper shoot and by the end of the second drive I was ready to go home.

The reason I go is to work my dogs, picking up pheasants in a controlled and efficient way, and Olli has proved to be superb. When other dogs are stealing birds that should be Olli's and he is well behaved enough to leave them when I tell him, its very soul destroying. Olli ended the day with 5 and Becki had 1.

To take the positives out of the day, Becki found her bird after the drive had finished and other dogs had looked but failed, and 1 of Olli's retrieves was probably his best yet as he saw the bird get hit, watched it sail over and come down somewhere in the woods about 30 yards from where we were stood, and went and found it alone. Used his skill and his nose properly, and came back 2 minutes later with the bird to my feet. That's progress!

Sunday we delivered another finished dog walk all the way down to Truro, in the most horrendous gale force winds, and hail storms. Bodmin Moor is a very bleak place on days like that!! However, we arrived eventually to a very nice couple with 4 gorgeous dogs and they were pleased with their purchase. So much so they ordered a set of weaves!! Rewarding day and makes it all worthwhile.

Training tonight with Lily so off to get thermals on! Roll on summer!

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