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Monday, 17 November 2008

UKA Cornwall

What a weekend we've had!! Dragged myself out of bed at 5am Sunday morning to get off to the last agility competition of the year for me. Got there at 8am and met up with our friends, walked courses, got a cuppa and started to wake up. Lily was so high as a kite in her 1st round, Agility, that she blew it completely!! Forgetting what a see saw was, running straight past the weaves and into a tunnel, I just laughed and put it down to experience. Olli had a go but he has not been training since September, and really not quite ready for competition, but it was a small friendly show and i thought he'd enjoy it.

After lunch we had the jumping round, and I could not believe how well Lily ran the course. Fast & accurate with only maybe a small mistake which wasted half a second, but she went clear and was placed 3rd!!!!!

Olli was keen to go when his turn arrived, and we all joked as to what a laugh it would be getting him round the course, as it was quite tricky and he's still such a beginner. You cannot imagine how I was feeling when half way round the course we were still clear. The final few jumps and a set of weaves, and I thought my legs were going to give way. He did it!!!! He actually went clear, and was 5th overall!!!!!!! Only his second time in a ring, not trained for 2 months and he is a gun dog. For all you people who mocked me and told me a gun dog would never do agility too, in the words of some one famous...............up yours!!!!!!!!

19 pheasants he picked up on Saturday, and a gorgeous clear round rosette he picked up on Sunday. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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pat&dooley said...

wel done that girl :)

wicked weekend

this post was left by mrs pat andooley now what kind of a name is that ???????????? x x x