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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Finished for weekend!

Another week over for me, as 4 days is enough working for someone else!! Doesn't mean I can relax of course. I have our 2 businesses to run, so I have painting to do tomorrow on the next dog walk, and paperwork to do for the electrical business. No rest for the wicked. In between all this I have to find time to train the 2 main dogs, Lily & Olli, get all my stuff ready for shooting Saturday and competition on Sunday.

Saturday should be interesting as it is a bought day. Basically, our syndicate sold the day to another group so we have to provide lunch and a good day for them. Olli will be a star as usual, but Becky will have to stay in the car unless there is a lost bird to find, as she would be embarrassing in front of a posh crowd!! It will be good to show off Olli's skills though to a new lot of people.

Sunday is the last competition for me this year and after last weeks place I am really excited. I know I shouldn't be, because Lily could mess it up and so could I so I may be brought down to earth with a bump, but it wont be the 1st time!!! Or the last knowing me! Olli is actually weaving now too!! Suddenly clicked in the last 2 days so who knows with him this week!!! He really is a multi talented boy!!

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