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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Last proper weekend of Agility 2010

I was really looking forward to this last weekend of Agility, although sad too as it would be the last time in our caravan, and the weekends away are really my chill time. It was fairly windy when we set up Friday afternoon but Rog stopped by between jobs and helped me set up, to save me the embarrassment of hang gliding across the show ground! Fern was still at work so at 3pm I was sat with all 7 dogs, relaxing in the garden with a beer. A nice bit of me time.
Friday evening there was a special jumping class, to win holiday vouchers and bags of food, so I entered me with Lily and Olli, and Fern to run Olli too. Both dogs had a blast, olli twice, and was amazed to find they ended with Lily 2nd, Olli with me 3rd, and Olli with Fern 4th!!!! About 40 dogs entered so they were fab results!!
Saturday Fern & I were running a ring, and although it was actually great fun and we had a great group of friends helping, it was also very tiring and apart from dashing to grab the dogs to quickly go and do a run before rushing them back to the caravan, we didn't really see them all day and I felt awfully neglectful. Anyway, Lily managed a 5th in Agility, and 10th in Grade 1-7 jumping combined. Olli then proved he is a real Agility dog, by getting 3rd in his Agility and 17th in the same 1 - 7 jumping as Lily. 
Sunday Lily went back to being a bit blonde and although her contacts and weaves were fantastic, her directional beacon failed and she got eliminated in all 3 classes. Very frustrating when you know how good she is, but she is only "human" :-) Olli on the other hand got yet another 3rd in a really tricky 4-5 Jumping, and then a 4th in the fairly tricky ABC jumping with Fern. He has become very consistent and I am almost starting to believe he could move up another grade next year.

We had a meet up with all Coves litter brothers and sisters and had a photo shoot on Sunday afternoon, then packed up for the last time and came home. 

All the dogs were great, our friends were great, a lot of good times and a lot of people we will miss through the winter, but I am already planning next years diary, which is going to be totally mad as 5 dogs will be competing!!

Just a small show in November, a few training days with top handlers and then Olympia. What a fab 2010 Team Feroda have had!!!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Just when I thought nothing could top it!

I have had an amazing season with Lily, going to grade 6, qualifying for Olympia and both goals achieved. ......Well there was 1 other small goal, which to be honest I thought was the hardest. I had a secret hope that Olli would maybe get just 1 KC win, and I thought it would be a jumping win as his contacts have been a bone of contention!! I had already decided that I would move him once more on points to Grade 5 if he had enough by the end of the season, as he is one of a rare group, being a Spaniel in the large category. (Most spaniels fall into medium) and beating a lot of collies, who are naturally that bit faster, would probably be a dream to far. This Sunday we went to a local 1 day show, and Lily managed to bring me right back down to earth with 4 runs all ending in elimination!! She is extremely fit, and having had such a successful year she has become a bit cocky. It happens and we have the winter now to re-train and re group as a partnership. Hopefully Olympia wont be a total disaster!
Olli on the other hand, did a beautiful jumping round for Fern, and finished in 4th place. He then had another near miss in jumping, just picking up a trappy jump. So I took him into the first of his agility runs, expecting another round of missed contacts, even though he has proved 100% perfect in training. To my amazement, he nailed all 3!! Olli had his first clear round in Agility for 2 months!! I was so happy, and although just out the placings he was a star. 1 more agility run at the end of the day, and it was a fast flowing course. I have never run such a perfect feeling round. He wasted no time on turns, hit the weaves perfectly and stopped dead on his contacts! Another clear and Fern & I were thrilled. 
I can not describe the feeling that went through me at the presentation when they got down to the trophy places. Good grief Olli could have a top 3 place!! I don't make any apologies for the scream, the tears, the jumping around like a bloody lunatic as I heard them announce Olli was the winner!!! My gorgeous, nutty, funny, beautiful large Spanner had won into Grade 5!!! He is now a very rare breed, being this far up the grades was something I really thought a goal too far, but he is 1 in a million, and my season just couldn't finish any better.
This weekend is our last camping show, and I am just going to have fun with both dogs. No pressure, no stress just some fun runs with 2 of the best dogs in the world. 

Monday, 13 September 2010

Feeling a bit flat.

I know its a Monday, but I can not decide whether its that, or the fact that we had a fairly non eventful weekend at Gillingham or just that the end of the season is near, but I feel flat today.
The dogs did some really good stuff at the weekend, but also between me & them we made some silly mistakes. Olli was too hyper and flew off his contacts, but on the plus side he was fast and his waits are almost rock solid now. Lily did some lovely turns, brill contacts but for the first time ever she took off like a missile off the seesaw.......twice! Somebody did say to me that they were a lighter than usual seesaw, so my aim is to train on every type possible for the next few weeks. Other than that she was very consistent and had a clear in a very tight G6 jumping. Olli also came home with a 7th in G4 jumping.
The weather was lovely, the company was also lovely and it was a very well run show with a friendly atmosphere. Maybe I am just tired as its been a busy year with a lot of emotional stresses too, and with a few early nights and some walks with the dogs I will probably be on top form again.
Still lots to look forward to with Olympia coming up, Daves first competition and some training days with some of our favourite trainers, then it will be Christmas!! .................

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

What a year!!!!

I had 2 goals at the beginning of this year. EITHER get Lily to Grade 6 OR qualify for the Olympia semis at Stoneleigh Park. So those who follow my blog will know that Lily went Grade 6 in July, so that was enough..................not for Lily who then won the last qualifier for the Olympia semis! So not 1 goal but both goals achieved. Fantastic, unbelievable and totally fulfilled my ambitions for the season.
Last Sunday we left Prestbury park weekend show at 6am, drove to Stoneleigh to compete in the semi. I was petrified. A lovely ring, seats all round, a huge show, commentary and a lot of very good handlers, most of whom I have admired for the last few years, and Lily & me were to compete with them. I couldn't eat, my legs went to jelly and if I didn't have Rog & Fern there I probably would've gone straight back to Prestbury! However, I ran the course, Lily listened, and we finished with a very fast round, incurring 5 faults for a knocked pole. With only 7 clear rounds out of the 39 competitors, Lily and I are now off to Olympia in December!
I can not explain how I felt then, or now. Its like I am watching a woman and her dog from the outside. Its a dream and I can not get used to the fact that Lily is Grade 6 and going to Olympia! In a very strange way I am actually not as nervous about the final. I have surpassed all my goals, thanks to 1 of the most genuine honest dogs I have ever had the pleasure to spend a bit of my life with. I am excited, extremely proud and looking forward to the experience to come. She won't let me down, I will try not to let her down and between us we will give it our best shot and enjoy every single second!!!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Devongem Hidden Cove is 1 year old today!!

I have no idea where the time has gone, but today is Coves birthday. It seems like only last week we brought home a tiny, fairly ugly white faced puppy from Laurens, but now he is 1, and a very handsome young man he is too. Yes he is nuts when we go near an agility ring or equipment, (Good!) and gives us more bruises than any of the others with his enthusiastic greetings, but most of the time he is so laid back, sweet natured, loving and kind he has been a pleasure to have in our family from day one, and if I could clone him I would have ten!!
Its also Twiggys birthday, (well she was estimated to 
be 9 months when we got her, and so was Cove then so we gave her the same birthday) In the 3 months I have had Twiggy I have not regretted a singe second of my mad decision to get her. 10 hrs round trip at the end of May, to collect a scared little collie, with no real knowledge of her past, was well worth it. She has blossomed into a funny, cheeky, little girl, and apart from the odd scared moment she is actually very sparky, and we all love her to bits.

 So Happy Birthday Devongem Hidden Cove & Ferodas Irish Secret. I think the next year is going to be an exciting 1 for you both, and definitely for us who have the honour of being your family.