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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

What a year!!!!

I had 2 goals at the beginning of this year. EITHER get Lily to Grade 6 OR qualify for the Olympia semis at Stoneleigh Park. So those who follow my blog will know that Lily went Grade 6 in July, so that was enough..................not for Lily who then won the last qualifier for the Olympia semis! So not 1 goal but both goals achieved. Fantastic, unbelievable and totally fulfilled my ambitions for the season.
Last Sunday we left Prestbury park weekend show at 6am, drove to Stoneleigh to compete in the semi. I was petrified. A lovely ring, seats all round, a huge show, commentary and a lot of very good handlers, most of whom I have admired for the last few years, and Lily & me were to compete with them. I couldn't eat, my legs went to jelly and if I didn't have Rog & Fern there I probably would've gone straight back to Prestbury! However, I ran the course, Lily listened, and we finished with a very fast round, incurring 5 faults for a knocked pole. With only 7 clear rounds out of the 39 competitors, Lily and I are now off to Olympia in December!
I can not explain how I felt then, or now. Its like I am watching a woman and her dog from the outside. Its a dream and I can not get used to the fact that Lily is Grade 6 and going to Olympia! In a very strange way I am actually not as nervous about the final. I have surpassed all my goals, thanks to 1 of the most genuine honest dogs I have ever had the pleasure to spend a bit of my life with. I am excited, extremely proud and looking forward to the experience to come. She won't let me down, I will try not to let her down and between us we will give it our best shot and enjoy every single second!!!


Kirsty said...

Amazing stuff you guys. Can't wait to see you on the telly!!! :o)x

Dani said...

Thanks Kirsty!! I have not stopped smiling since. :-) xx