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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Devongem Hidden Cove is 1 year old today!!

I have no idea where the time has gone, but today is Coves birthday. It seems like only last week we brought home a tiny, fairly ugly white faced puppy from Laurens, but now he is 1, and a very handsome young man he is too. Yes he is nuts when we go near an agility ring or equipment, (Good!) and gives us more bruises than any of the others with his enthusiastic greetings, but most of the time he is so laid back, sweet natured, loving and kind he has been a pleasure to have in our family from day one, and if I could clone him I would have ten!!
Its also Twiggys birthday, (well she was estimated to 
be 9 months when we got her, and so was Cove then so we gave her the same birthday) In the 3 months I have had Twiggy I have not regretted a singe second of my mad decision to get her. 10 hrs round trip at the end of May, to collect a scared little collie, with no real knowledge of her past, was well worth it. She has blossomed into a funny, cheeky, little girl, and apart from the odd scared moment she is actually very sparky, and we all love her to bits.

 So Happy Birthday Devongem Hidden Cove & Ferodas Irish Secret. I think the next year is going to be an exciting 1 for you both, and definitely for us who have the honour of being your family.

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