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Monday, 27 April 2009

Ups & Downs

Its been a busy and eventful couple of weeks. After the thrills of Kernow show we had a weekend off last week and managed to get a lot of work done and delivered our 1st order for a set of jumps. We were really pleased with them, and so was the customer! Hopefully there will be more on the way soon.
Friday last I was apprehensive as I got up. I was going to be hitching up the caravan by myself and having to remember everything to take, as Roger was unfortunately working and Fern was at college. I had to drive through Exeter to pick Fern up on the way, but it was fine and I needn't have worried at all. We soon arrived at Wadebridge for another weekend of fun and rosettes we hoped, managed to erect the awning perfectly and Jo arrived to make our little team complete.

I hadn't realised how my recent successes had affected some people, but I soon found out and it was sad to discover that people are not what they seem. There is always jealousy though I guess, and I am just going to have to ignore it. I know who my real friends are and I love them to bits.

3am the next morning we were rudely awoken by the storm, and the 3 of us had to rush out to save the awning which was flapping dangerously, poles flailing in torrential rain, and us in our pyjamas!! We finally managed to get it down and into the back of my car before huddling back in the caravan to warm up. The dogs were ok, we were ok but by dawn you could really see the extent of the damage caused, and both shows were cancelled. Very sad & pretty scary.

We drove home Saturday lunchtime, through some awful weather and were home safe & sound by 1pm. Very tired and disappointed, but safe and unhurt, unlike some poor souls who lost their lives that night further down the coast.

Oh well, off to Newbury this Friday and hopefully the weather will be kinder! I will be camping somewhere secluded and just get on with the joys of running Lily & Olli, and cheering on Jo with Jess & Jed, and let the saddos do what they like. My life is too fulfilled to worry about other peoples.

Our camp looked pretty good before the storm!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

More wins!!

Well I may be a bit slack on my blog, but its such a busy time. Work is mad, agility equipment orders are stacking up, and we are competing nearly every weekend!
Spent Easter at Wadebridge for the Kernow K9 Agility show. Gorgeous weather all weekend, resulting in some tanned faces, and heads in Rogers case! Friday Lily won the Jumping and Olli Spaniel got 10th!! Another gorgeous trophy for Lily & Olli a well deserved 1st KC placing. In the other jumping class Lily got 5th due to my crap handling!
Saturday & Lily got another trophy, this time 3rd in Agility. I was over the moon. 2 trophies in 2 days and proving that last weekend wasn't a fluke. She really has become a promising agility dog, and after 2 years of training, starting out as a nervous manic dog who was scared of everyone, I think she has done really well. So proud of her and huge expectations now of the season ahead! We have got enough points already for the starters cup and have an Olympia qualifier in a few weeks time. I think if we qualified for that I would faint!!!!
We took our old dog Snuffles for the weekend and she loved it. I think she reminisced as she strolled around the rings watching the younger dogs, and slept cuddled up in the caravan like the old days. Also Dave the pup, well 6 months old now, and he was pretty good! Admittedly he spent Friday trying to rip the ears off every passing dog and hanging himself continually from his lead, but by Sunday he was sociable and enjoying himself. He will be on the other side of the ropes next year, winning trophies for himself I hope!
Jo had some lovely clears with Jess again, and went home with a bag full of rosettes, but I think the best part of the weekend for us all was in the final jumping class of the weekend, she kept Jed her young dog focused and he stayed in the ring, did the jumps she asked, weaved beautifully and didn't go walk about! Well done Jo & the Jedster!
We have a weekend off this week but plenty of training to do in between. Oh and Vat returns, 2 payroll year ends, 2 dog walks & a see saw & A frame to build, & a set of weaves, oh and a dog walk and 10 jumps to deliver. Ha!!! a weekend off!!

Monday, 6 April 2009

2 1st places!!!

What can I say? My gorgeous if slightly mental Lily Fudge Cake did me proud at the show on Sunday. Our 1st KC open of the season and she was switched on. Had a lovely flying round in the jumping, really listening to me and very fast. I thought it was a good run and may get us a place. Imagine my shock and delight when we were presented with the trophy for 1st place!!!! 20.41 seconds, 3 tenths in front of second place. I was gobsmacked. We had a slight hiccup in the steeplechase but she was still trying hard and probably a handling error by me, making her go wide and missing a fence.
In the agility I was determined to try and get her contacts as she has been at home and at training, and she did!! 12 weaves at speed, perfect turns and all contacts nailed with real thought from Lily. Another good round and I was thrilled. Totally amazed, and seriously numb when I discovered we had won that too!!! I cannot describe the feeling of winning 1 let alone 2 classes at KC level, but we are now in grade 2 and I'm flying!! She really is my baby, and has come on so well from her days of nerves and fear of other dogs that I am the proudest mum in the world today! Olli did get a clear round in the Steeplechase too although not placed, so a perfect day all round.