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Monday, 24 August 2009

KC Festival & DINAS

What an exciting & fun 10 days! Fern & I set off, without Rog on Thursday the 13th to Kelmarsh, site of the KC International Festival. I was nervous having no man around to do the strong stuff, and no back up driver as Fern is not legally allowed to tow the caravan yet, but still looking forward to our biggest 2 shows ever.
Fern stayed awake for the 3 hour drive, (a miracle in itself as she normally drops off within the 1st 5 minutes!) but we pulled into the site and set up our 1st camp. It was huge!!! We finally decided to walk through the field, across the bridge and investigate the main ring area, and what a site. 19 rings, loads of trade stands, 100's,.. no 1000's of people & dogs, and a blast of colour around the main ring with all the different countries flags flying.

I was nervous on the Friday morning, but it was fine, and Lily & Olli were excited to be there. We didn't manage a clear round Friday. Partly my nerves, partly the dogs being high as kites, but I was a bit fed up by the evening. Perhaps I wasn't ready for such a huge show. I needn't have been down though, as Saturday Lily had a cracking clear round in the jumping & managed 6th place! 270 dogs in her class so I was thrilled. Olli missed out by the odd pole flying, or a missed weave entry but he tried. Sunday and Lily had got into her stride. 5th in Jumping & 12th in Agility! It was an amazing show, and Lily proved that she has got what it takes to go far, with a little fine tuning.
Monday we were packed up and gone by 10am and arrived at Ipswich at 1pm. Dogs in Need Charity show was almost more impressive, more organised and a better venue than the Festival. Acres and acres of caravans, scorched ground (no rain for weeks!) but beautifully laid out rings, dotted among the trees and such a relaxed atmosphere.
We relaxed, had lazy days, walked the dogs, played with Dave, Fern taught him new tricks, and Lily & Olli both did well. I missed Rog being there but we chatted every day and I kept him up to date with all our successes and failures!

Olli managed a clear round with Fern & a 12th in Jumping with me. Not bad, but Lily excelled herself and surpassed my expectations. 7th in Agility, then 2 3rds, one in Jumping, one in Agility to end the week. In her Agility class there were only 10 clears out of 170 dogs, and she was only beaten by 2 Grade 7 handlers with their new dogs. It was a really tricky, trappy course but she focused and we did it!!
Oh how I love that dog! Lily Fudge Cake we have so much more to achieve and I have no doubt we will. Not bad for a £50 farm pup with half an ear!!!!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Busy August!!

Its been 3 weeks since I have blogged, and I apologise, but I don't seem to have a spare 5 minutes anytime!

On the weekend of 25th/26th July we went to Newbury for the Agility Club weekend show. It was the biggest show we have been to to date, and with 12 rings it was a bit nerve racking but we thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a few dodgy rounds, but both Lily & Olli managed places, 19th & 16th respectively in Jumping & Agility, which out of 260 dogs per class was pretty damn good! I was thrilled.

We then went on to Tewkesbury on Monday for the UKA Nationals week, and our holiday! We had mixed weather, ranging from warm sunshine to torrential downpours, but the show went on and it was a great week. Lots of classes and both dogs did very well. Olli won a trophy, 1st in the Snooker, and also had 2nds,3rds, and 4ths in Agility, Steeplechase, Jumping and other games classes. Lily also won a trophy 1st in Jumping, with 2nds, 3rds & 4ths in Agility etc, and moved up to senior for the last day!! Both dogs, 7 top 4 places each in 5 days competing. Pretty good.

Lily is a bit madder than she used to be since her month off, so it is taking some getting used to, but she is still improving. Olli just gets better & better!
Saturday eve there was a live band in the hall, and we danced & drunk and had a great night. They were a good fun band and it was nice to relax with everyone after the week, but there were a few sore heads and sunglasses on Sunday morning! Those courses seemed to spin!

So that's it! Back to work for a few days now, and missing the caravan living!
Next week we are off to Northampton for the biggest show of the year, the KC Festival, and then on Monday straight from there to Ipswich for another week of competing!!

Dave is certainly learning how to be sociable. Its slow progress but its working, and at training he actually did a fast recall for the first time, and didn't get distracted by the other dogs, so really pleased.