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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Nagging mates!

Well what a busy week! I haven't stopped, neither has Rog, and we have built a lot of equipment this week. Delivered a replacement dog walk yesterday to a customer as the original purple paint did not have a very high grip when she used it, so we made a new one and thought the coating was a lot better this time, but unfortunately it does not meet the standard we and our customers expect so we are having to re think about the colour choices we are giving. Its a shame because it restricts us to fairly boring colours, but the dogs safety is the main priority. Thankfully they have been very understanding as they realise that we do not make the paint, and they are thrilled with the actual standard of workmanship and all other aspects of our equipment. Next week we will be delivering their new one, in red!

I have no shows this weekend :-( and its weird being home for the weekend, but we are out to a party tonight and out for lunch tomorrow with friends, so it makes a change. No doubt the Karaoke will be out tomorrow!

All the dogs are doing well with training. Lily finally has got the whole contacts idea, and worked really well on Thursday night, Olli is improving all the time, and what he lacks in experience he makes up for in enthusiasm! Dave has the odd "terrier" moment, going deaf when we call him back from goading the horse in the paddock behind our garden, but on the whole is very obedient. He has been trying out the seesaw this week, and is not in the slightest bit bothered by it crashing to the ground. Cant wait to start his agility foundation classes in June.

In between all the work, both for others and for us I have completely revamped and updated our website this week. Spent hours on it, but its looking a lot more professional now.

Oh and the title for this post? well as you can see I have been sat around with spare time all week, time on my hands, so why haven't I blogged? My nagging Blog Policewoman mate cant see why!!!! Jo, you better watch out as my next video of you on Youtube may not be so flattering!!!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Great successes!

Well what a fab weekend and a good start to the week. Went to UKA Cornwall on Sunday, and had a really good day. In the jumping class, I sent Lily the wrong way with my flailing arm. so we were eliminated, but she jumped a lovely round, and I couldn't fault her attitude. The same class with Olli and he fluffed his weaves, but then its still new to him and he was so over excited he'd forgotten what they were! Didn't stop barking the whole way around the course.
In the steeplechase class in the afternoon, Lily got a great clear round, and although she is still wasting time in the air and on wide turns, she was placed 6th overall, so I was pleased. Olli, who is only really doing agility because so many people said I would be stupid to try him, as he is a working gundog, and because it makes travelling hundreds of miles around the country, a bit more worthwhile with 2 dogs to compete, got a fab clear round, and was 2nd!!!! I am over the moon. He is so much tighter and more conservative than Lily. He has tighter turns, neater jumping style and although he is a lot less experienced in his training, I have a feeling he is going to be the better dog. Jo had 2 more clears with Jess, and a placing, but she had her 1st ever runs with Jed, her young WSD and he was really good considering he is new to it. He made some typical baby type mistakes, got distracted and a bit overawed with the atmosphere, but he jumped beautifully and is definitely going to be a star in the future. Jo is going to have to get her running shoes on too, as he is going to be a lot faster than Jess!
Today we have been building more equipment for customers, and enjoying the sunshine while we worked. No shows now for 2 weeks so I will get stir crazy!!

Shoot dinner this Saturday which will be the normal, slightly boring, bit too formal affair, but it will be nice to catch up with a few of our members, and even better to boast about Ollis achievement! That'll show them!!!!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

New caravan & show schedule!!!

Hi all. Sorry I have been really slack in blogging recently. Works has been really busy, agility equipment orders are coming in thick & fast, which is great but means we don't have any spare time at all!!!

Last weekend we were at a small agility show/test. Olli did really well, getting his contacts beautifully but best of all he went straight ahead of me after a jump into weaves, which is the 1st time he has done them properly in sequence so was really pleased with that. He would've been a good fast clear in the jumping if I hadn't messed up the course at the second to last jump!!

Lily was a bit manic again, and decided to make her own course up. This is becoming a bad habit so I have been taking her out alone this week and doing some basic obedience with her. She thinks she knows it all now. Its good that she is having so much fun, and is so keen, but forgetting I am the one giving directions is not the point!! Fern ran her in the jumping and she got another 2nd place trophy!!! Really good, but Lily is still not going top speed, so have to work on that. Its coming though.

Bought our caravan at last, and collected it on Wednesday eve. Its so lovely, and I keep looking out the window to make sure I am not dreaming! Another 4 weeks until our 1st weekend in it, and we cant wait! Been stocking it with cutlery, crockery etc and its really ready to go now.

Dave is still improving all the time, getting quite clever with his send aways to a target, back end awareness, recalls and waits, so building all the foundations for a good agility dog. He is nearly at the full height for "smalls" already, so as he is not yet 5 months I think we will be in mediums. He will have to be fast as there are a lot of small collies in medium. However he can already keep up with Olli & Lily in short sprints so I don't think he will have a problem.
Spent hours this week, making a wall planner for all the shows, and entered as many as I could up to September. Nearly every weekend we are somewhere, and have 7 camping ones booked now, including the KC Festival in August!! Scary but should be fun. I am officially addicted!
Off to Cornwall tomorrow. 5.30am start, (yuk!) but no agility just jumping classes and steeplechase so I am hoping both dogs can go clear. Olli may even get his 1st placing!!!

Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Mad March!!

Good grief, its March already. Where does the time go? Oh yes it goes on work, work, and more work and then dogs, dogs, competitions and more competitions!! Sorry its been a while since my last blog, but we have been so busy. Cant remember the last weekend we had free, and I have no idea when the next one is either! Good news is that we have bought a lovely caravan! Picking it up next week and I cant wait. Shows will be so much more fun with fresh tea, coffee, bacon butties & wine in the comfort of our own home on wheels!

Sunday was like a real spring day so we had a lovely walk with the dogs, and then drove to Torquay with our latest delivery of a dog walk. They were pleased and ordered 10 jumps to follow! We have so much equipment to make, we are going to be very busy.

Dave is still growing and improving all the time in his training. He still insists on barking ferociously at other dogs, and looking like a killer but we're working on it! He will always be a terrier, just hopefully a controllable one eventually.

Oh well, back to work now. Not looking forward to the next few days cos Roger has to work away but we'll cope. Show on Sunday so will have a giggle with Jo and hopefully add to our photo and video collection, as well as our rosettes!! At least Jo will, but it depends on lilys mood!

Remembering Chester today my beautiful boy. RIP 3rd March 2003.