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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Mad March!!

Good grief, its March already. Where does the time go? Oh yes it goes on work, work, and more work and then dogs, dogs, competitions and more competitions!! Sorry its been a while since my last blog, but we have been so busy. Cant remember the last weekend we had free, and I have no idea when the next one is either! Good news is that we have bought a lovely caravan! Picking it up next week and I cant wait. Shows will be so much more fun with fresh tea, coffee, bacon butties & wine in the comfort of our own home on wheels!

Sunday was like a real spring day so we had a lovely walk with the dogs, and then drove to Torquay with our latest delivery of a dog walk. They were pleased and ordered 10 jumps to follow! We have so much equipment to make, we are going to be very busy.

Dave is still growing and improving all the time in his training. He still insists on barking ferociously at other dogs, and looking like a killer but we're working on it! He will always be a terrier, just hopefully a controllable one eventually.

Oh well, back to work now. Not looking forward to the next few days cos Roger has to work away but we'll cope. Show on Sunday so will have a giggle with Jo and hopefully add to our photo and video collection, as well as our rosettes!! At least Jo will, but it depends on lilys mood!

Remembering Chester today my beautiful boy. RIP 3rd March 2003.

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