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Thursday, 19 February 2009

No sense of humour?

Some people have been trying to make me feel bad, by telling me off for training Dave over jumps at 4 months old.

Just for the record. this was a one off bit of fun to see what he did, and I am not training a 4 month old pup full on agility just yet. I always admit to being able to learn more, but I have owned dogs for 25 years and am not stupid.

Incidently, earlier the same morning whilst we were out for our walk, Dave was running around like a nutter, having fun with Lily and jumped over a branch across the path, a ditch and at one point jumped over Lily as she moved across his line. It is natural for dogs to jump, and he isn't going to do any more damage jumping a small cross pole, 3 times than he is jumping any other obstacle he comes across.

Perhaps I shouldn't take him for walks off the lead until he is a year old? FFS!!!!!!!!

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