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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Daves a quick learner!

Midweek and not much going on at work. Loads to do for our agility equipment though so will be busy painting soon. More orders come in which is really exciting.Lily did some good grid work last night but she is overweight slightly and it shows in her fitness. Have decided to take them off CSJ food as the last batch was totally different, and its definitely put weight on them all and made them poo loads!! Am now feeding half raw diet to see how we get on.

Dave was getting very excited watching Lily & Olli training in the garden so we put the jumps really low and thought we'd try him out. What a natural;!!! He is just 4 months old but so keen and so easy to train. I think we have a star in the making. There is a lot to be said for bold, excitable dogs. They may need a lot of time put in but they make amazing workers if you channel it right. Dave is proving to be very clever, and loves pleasing us with his work.
Off to look at a caravan on Friday as we have so many weekend shows coming up. How exciting!!

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