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Sunday, 15 February 2009

KC Limit show fun.

Well its been a fairly ordinary week, just working hard and trying to keep everyone fed, watered and happy. Saturday we went to Hampshire & Berkshire delivering equipment that we had made. Met 2 really different couples. The 1st couple had 2 Westies & a golden retriever, and lived in a beautiful thatched cottage in a Hampshire village, where they really did agility for fun and they loved there seesaw and long jump, in pink & purple! The second couple were a lot more serious agility addicts, with Collies & Manchester Terriers and they compete all over the country. They were also pleased with their seesaw, and its so nice to meet so many different people with such different outlooks, and so many lovely dogs!

Today, Sunday, we met my great friend Jo at a limit show near us. Had enough sandwiches between us to feed an army!! Chocolate, sweets, crisps, and 3 dogs eager to compete. Lily was hyper, missed 1 contact, took a wrong jump and herded another in our 3 1st classes, so no clears for me. Olli was hilarious, deciding it was easier to go under a few jumps, sniff the floor, play to the crowd, and finally demolished the wall in his jumping round. He has never seen a wall so put his front feet against it and pushed it over! Clown! He did however get his contacts brilliantly so that was a bonus.

As Fern has been coming training with me for 18months, and never run a dog round a course, I decided to let her run Lily in the Helter Skelter. Not too tricky, but gave her a chance to try out the real thing. Blow me if she didn't get a clear round, and not only clear but 2nd place and a trophy to boot!!! I was so thrilled! We all were, and its so nice that after all the nights watching & coaching in all weathers, Fern got to put her experience to practice, Well done mate!


Kirsty said...

Sounds like Olli was having a very spaniel-y day! When we came across a wall in comp for the first time recently there was a Springer in the class who hilariously scrunched himself under one of the small arches at the bottom of the wall, so maybe Olli did quite well really! Sounds like a fun day, well done all, but special congratulations to Fern & Lily - that's awesome!!

Dani said...

Thanks Kirsty! It was hilarious. I am just doing the video now for youtube.
Fern was so pleased with her trophy!!