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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Ups & downs, and snow!

UKA Cornwall on Sunday and it was freezing! Lily went in the agility, and 1st time ever she broke her wait. I was gobsmacked but she carried on to get 10 faults, and she got her contacts, so not too bad. Realised my mistake afterwards. I set her up right against the wire and the collie behind was manic, noisy and she just couldn't cope. Oh well its all experience.

We decided as we had about 3 hrs to wait for the next class and it was so cold, we would leave and take the dogs for a good run on the moors. Had a blast, then went for a pub lunch. Meanwhile Olli suddenly had a violent vomiting session, flooding the back of our car. Didn't worry too much, but by the time we were home, he had thrown up loads more and was looking really poorly. I didn't feed him, and he slept in our bedroom Sunday night. Monday morning he was really flat so off to the vets for examination. 3 jabs and a course of antibiotics later he was curled up on the sofa, diagnosed with poisoning. So worried for my poor boy. We decided he picked up something in the muck and water from the pig farm we were shooting on Saturday afternoon. 2 other spaniels have the same problem. Thankfully today, although on a very small amount of chicken & rice, he has not vomited and is definitely brighter in himself. He lost 1 & half kilos in 24 hrs!
This morning I took him for a run in the snow and he enjoyed himself, but I am still spoiling him, with him indoors in the warm, not in his kennel.
Dave & Lily had a laugh too! It may disrupt the country but its such god fun with the dogs in this snow. We are making the most of it.

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