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Friday, 22 March 2013

Dont mention the van :-(

Not talking about the van. One of the reasons I have gone another Month without writing. Just been too peed off to be honest, and didn't want to write a moaning grumpy blog as that's not really my style, and there are people worse off than me by a long way so just "hrumph" for now :-(
The only good thing about "the unmentionable" is my new gang pic on the side. Twiggy and George now added and I am pleased with this......

I am amazed at the amount of garages that are not interested in trying to help you out or find a fault, which is obviously there, but gladly take your money to change parts totally unnecessarily. Most of the help we have had trying to diagnose the issues, has been by telephone with a very lovely friend of ours who just lives too far away to actually have a look. Some other friends offered us financial help which was so generous, and makes you realise who real friends are, restores your faith in people, but still I am £400 down and the Van has the same bloody fault, so I am really not looking forward to towing next weekend for the first time :-(

Right enough about that, the show season has started, and 2 weekends ago I actually did my first show alone! Rog was working here on equipment and Fern had to work in Okehampton so I went solo. It was a UKA show, too local not to take advantage of and the dogs were all wonderful. Twiggy 4th in Jumping, Lily 2nd in Champ and Georgie 3rd in steeplechase and won the jumping! Not a bad start at all!
Last weekend was our first KC show, and again the dogs had fun. All of them clear on the same jumping course, less than a second separating them, but the order was Cove, Lily, George & Twigs. Then in Georges first Grade 4 Agility he did a lovely round and was 3rd! (Cove Lily & Twiggy all eliminated on the same course!!) 2 shows, 2 trophies for Georgie Pants, I am liking this start!
William is just scrummy. He fitted in so quick, and is so loving and easy to live with. Exactly what I wanted for Fern, a proper working dog, 100% temperament steady but with a real work ethic. He is  very keen to join in at these agility shows but will also focus and work with Fern near the rings, so a perfect balance at the moment. Not a bad bone in his lanky, leggy funny body :-) 

We took him to see a specialist Vet Dentist last night to assess his overshot jaw, and discuss how we move forward, and indeed if he is going to be requiring much interference with it. It doesn't affect Will at all at the moment, and he eats well, can pick anything up from the floor, and has a real strong tug. The issue may be that as his adult teeth are coming through, the bottom canines will dig into his top palet. They are behind his top canines, where as a normal dog has them in front. It could mean a bit of intervention as they grow, by a skilled Vet, just to stop him being in any discomfort but its a waiting game, and as long as he is happy and healthy that's all we care about.

Now its the damn weather that is on everyones lips again. Snow snow, rain and  more rain and already talk that the first few camping shows at Easter next weekend, may have to be cancelled due to soggy ground. Oh lets start this year exactly as we finished last then. In our waterproofs.....