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Saturday, 14 March 2009

New caravan & show schedule!!!

Hi all. Sorry I have been really slack in blogging recently. Works has been really busy, agility equipment orders are coming in thick & fast, which is great but means we don't have any spare time at all!!!

Last weekend we were at a small agility show/test. Olli did really well, getting his contacts beautifully but best of all he went straight ahead of me after a jump into weaves, which is the 1st time he has done them properly in sequence so was really pleased with that. He would've been a good fast clear in the jumping if I hadn't messed up the course at the second to last jump!!

Lily was a bit manic again, and decided to make her own course up. This is becoming a bad habit so I have been taking her out alone this week and doing some basic obedience with her. She thinks she knows it all now. Its good that she is having so much fun, and is so keen, but forgetting I am the one giving directions is not the point!! Fern ran her in the jumping and she got another 2nd place trophy!!! Really good, but Lily is still not going top speed, so have to work on that. Its coming though.

Bought our caravan at last, and collected it on Wednesday eve. Its so lovely, and I keep looking out the window to make sure I am not dreaming! Another 4 weeks until our 1st weekend in it, and we cant wait! Been stocking it with cutlery, crockery etc and its really ready to go now.

Dave is still improving all the time, getting quite clever with his send aways to a target, back end awareness, recalls and waits, so building all the foundations for a good agility dog. He is nearly at the full height for "smalls" already, so as he is not yet 5 months I think we will be in mediums. He will have to be fast as there are a lot of small collies in medium. However he can already keep up with Olli & Lily in short sprints so I don't think he will have a problem.
Spent hours this week, making a wall planner for all the shows, and entered as many as I could up to September. Nearly every weekend we are somewhere, and have 7 camping ones booked now, including the KC Festival in August!! Scary but should be fun. I am officially addicted!
Off to Cornwall tomorrow. 5.30am start, (yuk!) but no agility just jumping classes and steeplechase so I am hoping both dogs can go clear. Olli may even get his 1st placing!!!

Fingers crossed.

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Kirsty said...

Good luck tomorrow! Keep working till after the last jump!! ;o)