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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Nagging mates!

Well what a busy week! I haven't stopped, neither has Rog, and we have built a lot of equipment this week. Delivered a replacement dog walk yesterday to a customer as the original purple paint did not have a very high grip when she used it, so we made a new one and thought the coating was a lot better this time, but unfortunately it does not meet the standard we and our customers expect so we are having to re think about the colour choices we are giving. Its a shame because it restricts us to fairly boring colours, but the dogs safety is the main priority. Thankfully they have been very understanding as they realise that we do not make the paint, and they are thrilled with the actual standard of workmanship and all other aspects of our equipment. Next week we will be delivering their new one, in red!

I have no shows this weekend :-( and its weird being home for the weekend, but we are out to a party tonight and out for lunch tomorrow with friends, so it makes a change. No doubt the Karaoke will be out tomorrow!

All the dogs are doing well with training. Lily finally has got the whole contacts idea, and worked really well on Thursday night, Olli is improving all the time, and what he lacks in experience he makes up for in enthusiasm! Dave has the odd "terrier" moment, going deaf when we call him back from goading the horse in the paddock behind our garden, but on the whole is very obedient. He has been trying out the seesaw this week, and is not in the slightest bit bothered by it crashing to the ground. Cant wait to start his agility foundation classes in June.

In between all the work, both for others and for us I have completely revamped and updated our website this week. Spent hours on it, but its looking a lot more professional now.

Oh and the title for this post? well as you can see I have been sat around with spare time all week, time on my hands, so why haven't I blogged? My nagging Blog Policewoman mate cant see why!!!! Jo, you better watch out as my next video of you on Youtube may not be so flattering!!!

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