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Monday, 6 April 2009

2 1st places!!!

What can I say? My gorgeous if slightly mental Lily Fudge Cake did me proud at the show on Sunday. Our 1st KC open of the season and she was switched on. Had a lovely flying round in the jumping, really listening to me and very fast. I thought it was a good run and may get us a place. Imagine my shock and delight when we were presented with the trophy for 1st place!!!! 20.41 seconds, 3 tenths in front of second place. I was gobsmacked. We had a slight hiccup in the steeplechase but she was still trying hard and probably a handling error by me, making her go wide and missing a fence.
In the agility I was determined to try and get her contacts as she has been at home and at training, and she did!! 12 weaves at speed, perfect turns and all contacts nailed with real thought from Lily. Another good round and I was thrilled. Totally amazed, and seriously numb when I discovered we had won that too!!! I cannot describe the feeling of winning 1 let alone 2 classes at KC level, but we are now in grade 2 and I'm flying!! She really is my baby, and has come on so well from her days of nerves and fear of other dogs that I am the proudest mum in the world today! Olli did get a clear round in the Steeplechase too although not placed, so a perfect day all round.


Kirsty said...

I hope you're still basking in your glory :o) x

wendy said...

Congratulations on your wins!
Agility looks like a lot of fun and am looking forward to trying it with my collie.

Dani said...

Thanks all! It is a great feeling.