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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Great successes!

Well what a fab weekend and a good start to the week. Went to UKA Cornwall on Sunday, and had a really good day. In the jumping class, I sent Lily the wrong way with my flailing arm. so we were eliminated, but she jumped a lovely round, and I couldn't fault her attitude. The same class with Olli and he fluffed his weaves, but then its still new to him and he was so over excited he'd forgotten what they were! Didn't stop barking the whole way around the course.
In the steeplechase class in the afternoon, Lily got a great clear round, and although she is still wasting time in the air and on wide turns, she was placed 6th overall, so I was pleased. Olli, who is only really doing agility because so many people said I would be stupid to try him, as he is a working gundog, and because it makes travelling hundreds of miles around the country, a bit more worthwhile with 2 dogs to compete, got a fab clear round, and was 2nd!!!! I am over the moon. He is so much tighter and more conservative than Lily. He has tighter turns, neater jumping style and although he is a lot less experienced in his training, I have a feeling he is going to be the better dog. Jo had 2 more clears with Jess, and a placing, but she had her 1st ever runs with Jed, her young WSD and he was really good considering he is new to it. He made some typical baby type mistakes, got distracted and a bit overawed with the atmosphere, but he jumped beautifully and is definitely going to be a star in the future. Jo is going to have to get her running shoes on too, as he is going to be a lot faster than Jess!
Today we have been building more equipment for customers, and enjoying the sunshine while we worked. No shows now for 2 weeks so I will get stir crazy!!

Shoot dinner this Saturday which will be the normal, slightly boring, bit too formal affair, but it will be nice to catch up with a few of our members, and even better to boast about Ollis achievement! That'll show them!!!!

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