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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Last proper weekend of Agility 2010

I was really looking forward to this last weekend of Agility, although sad too as it would be the last time in our caravan, and the weekends away are really my chill time. It was fairly windy when we set up Friday afternoon but Rog stopped by between jobs and helped me set up, to save me the embarrassment of hang gliding across the show ground! Fern was still at work so at 3pm I was sat with all 7 dogs, relaxing in the garden with a beer. A nice bit of me time.
Friday evening there was a special jumping class, to win holiday vouchers and bags of food, so I entered me with Lily and Olli, and Fern to run Olli too. Both dogs had a blast, olli twice, and was amazed to find they ended with Lily 2nd, Olli with me 3rd, and Olli with Fern 4th!!!! About 40 dogs entered so they were fab results!!
Saturday Fern & I were running a ring, and although it was actually great fun and we had a great group of friends helping, it was also very tiring and apart from dashing to grab the dogs to quickly go and do a run before rushing them back to the caravan, we didn't really see them all day and I felt awfully neglectful. Anyway, Lily managed a 5th in Agility, and 10th in Grade 1-7 jumping combined. Olli then proved he is a real Agility dog, by getting 3rd in his Agility and 17th in the same 1 - 7 jumping as Lily. 
Sunday Lily went back to being a bit blonde and although her contacts and weaves were fantastic, her directional beacon failed and she got eliminated in all 3 classes. Very frustrating when you know how good she is, but she is only "human" :-) Olli on the other hand got yet another 3rd in a really tricky 4-5 Jumping, and then a 4th in the fairly tricky ABC jumping with Fern. He has become very consistent and I am almost starting to believe he could move up another grade next year.

We had a meet up with all Coves litter brothers and sisters and had a photo shoot on Sunday afternoon, then packed up for the last time and came home. 

All the dogs were great, our friends were great, a lot of good times and a lot of people we will miss through the winter, but I am already planning next years diary, which is going to be totally mad as 5 dogs will be competing!!

Just a small show in November, a few training days with top handlers and then Olympia. What a fab 2010 Team Feroda have had!!!

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Harrjak said...

what a fab year, well done!