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Monday, 4 October 2010

Winter time for training.

Its quite funny suddenly realising that we don't have to pack up and take off with the caravan again now until next March! Where does the time go and where did the season go? It doesn't seem that long ago that we put the planner on the wall and started to look forward to a lot of competitions with Lily & Olli, and now the planner is all finished, so apart from a couple of training days, a one day local winter comp, and Olympia of course, what shall we do??!!
We will start some serious training with Cove & Twiggy. I am finding it really hard not to expect Twiggy to be near the level Cove is working at. Because they are the same age, and size it is difficult to remember that Twiggy hasn't had the foundation work as a pup that Cove has had with Fern. So I am going to do 2 separate Blogs. 1 for Cove & 1 for Twiggy, and try to keep you updated with their respective progress through the winter.
This is Coves. A real credit to the work and dedication of Fern, who almost drives us mad with her constant training! Every waking minute she is training either Cove or Dave something, but it is totally paying off. 
Cove is a joy to own. This sweetest natured, comical, loving, handsome boy is a very special member of our family, and at just over a year old, well on the way to becoming an agility champ.

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Sally J said...

Does he love that or what? Nice job Fern :-))))