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Monday, 18 October 2010

Busy weekends and dual talents!

What a lovely weekend! So many good points, so many rewarding moments so will try and summarise!
Saturday, 1st day of the shooting season and time to see if Olli could remember how to be a gundog, and be quiet! He started to talk quite a bit on the last half mile of the journey to the meet, obviously whoever says dogs don't have memories ................! We stood through all the speeches, and then it was time to start work. I was slightly apprehensive as I opened the back of the truck, praying that he didn't shout the place down as he does at agility. Out stepped Olli, sniffed the air, looked at me with those gorgeous deep brown eyes and slipped into place at my side without a murmur. The perfect gentleman, silent controlled poetry in motion, and 3 hours 7 beautifully retrieved pheasants later we set off home. I don't know of any better feeling than living and working with a dog, so intelligent, so loving and loyal, but Olli is pure perfection in my eyes.

Sunday and we all got up at 4.30am! Roger had to work, and Fern, Luke & I had our last outdoor show of the season in the Wye Valley, so at 7.30 we arrived in Monmouth, -2 degrees and thick fog. However within a few hours the sun burnt through and it was a beautiful, warm autumn day, a lovely venue, good friends and 7 of the best dogs. 
Olli of course, was as vocal as ever! Out the van barking his head off, pulling on his lead and Mr Grade 5 Agility Spaniel was back. Both him & Lily did some lovely rounds, all near misses but lots of positives to take from them both. Solid contacts,  tight turns and speed and enthusiasm to name a few. Lily did probably her best G6/7 agility run yet, and was unlucky, but what a hilarious photo from that run!! Thanks to Chel & her trusty photographers. A classic one for the album. LOL!! We ended with a 4th in the brace. A great fun class to end a wonderful day. 
Twiggy was much more focused on me, playing and enjoying my company, being a real clever girl. Cove was also showing how "into" Fern he is. Still mad as a hatter by the rings but wanting to be inter-acting with Fern more than anything, and Dave looked almost normal! Mixed with people, watched the rings with excitement but not aggression, and posed for photos!
The best bacon butties, lovely coffee, great company and glorious weather. Oh and the best dogs in the world of course!

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