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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Another succesful weekend.

Sometimes the simple things are enough.

Friday Fern and I both had the day off together, and spent the morning cleaning dogs beds, the van etc before lunch with my mum, and then an afternoon training with Dave Munnings. Just spending some time with Fern is nice, and my mum as I never see her enough really, and then training the dogs with Dave is always a pleasure. Lily & Olli were both great as always, but the pups were both fab in their own ways. Cove was fast and focused, starting to look like the pro, and coping really well in a big group, even though he couldn't help watching exciting dogs weave!! Twiggy didn't manage to join in many of the exercises as she is still a bit unsure, and not had all the foundation work that Cove has, but to play tuggy with me, do all her learnt behaviours, hand touches etc, in a new environment, floodlit outdoors, with a lot of new dogs was amazing for her.

Saturday Fern & I again, off in Sydney (Ferns truck), down to Beer with Olli to spend the day picking up pheasants. Olli had his best day ever, retrieving 17 pheasants and a pigeon, all before lunch! He worked so well, and looks so grown up now, I am always so proud of him.
This morning Fern went off to work early so Rog came to walk the dogs with me in 2 shifts, and took his camera. Such a beautiful Autumn morning, not a cloud in the sky and the dogs all having fun in the fields, sheep grazing, cows around the feeder with their calves and a few finches and sparrows munching on the berries on our Hawthorn tree. Simple things :-)

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