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Monday, 20 September 2010

Just when I thought nothing could top it!

I have had an amazing season with Lily, going to grade 6, qualifying for Olympia and both goals achieved. ......Well there was 1 other small goal, which to be honest I thought was the hardest. I had a secret hope that Olli would maybe get just 1 KC win, and I thought it would be a jumping win as his contacts have been a bone of contention!! I had already decided that I would move him once more on points to Grade 5 if he had enough by the end of the season, as he is one of a rare group, being a Spaniel in the large category. (Most spaniels fall into medium) and beating a lot of collies, who are naturally that bit faster, would probably be a dream to far. This Sunday we went to a local 1 day show, and Lily managed to bring me right back down to earth with 4 runs all ending in elimination!! She is extremely fit, and having had such a successful year she has become a bit cocky. It happens and we have the winter now to re-train and re group as a partnership. Hopefully Olympia wont be a total disaster!
Olli on the other hand, did a beautiful jumping round for Fern, and finished in 4th place. He then had another near miss in jumping, just picking up a trappy jump. So I took him into the first of his agility runs, expecting another round of missed contacts, even though he has proved 100% perfect in training. To my amazement, he nailed all 3!! Olli had his first clear round in Agility for 2 months!! I was so happy, and although just out the placings he was a star. 1 more agility run at the end of the day, and it was a fast flowing course. I have never run such a perfect feeling round. He wasted no time on turns, hit the weaves perfectly and stopped dead on his contacts! Another clear and Fern & I were thrilled. 
I can not describe the feeling that went through me at the presentation when they got down to the trophy places. Good grief Olli could have a top 3 place!! I don't make any apologies for the scream, the tears, the jumping around like a bloody lunatic as I heard them announce Olli was the winner!!! My gorgeous, nutty, funny, beautiful large Spanner had won into Grade 5!!! He is now a very rare breed, being this far up the grades was something I really thought a goal too far, but he is 1 in a million, and my season just couldn't finish any better.
This weekend is our last camping show, and I am just going to have fun with both dogs. No pressure, no stress just some fun runs with 2 of the best dogs in the world. 

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