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Monday, 13 September 2010

Feeling a bit flat.

I know its a Monday, but I can not decide whether its that, or the fact that we had a fairly non eventful weekend at Gillingham or just that the end of the season is near, but I feel flat today.
The dogs did some really good stuff at the weekend, but also between me & them we made some silly mistakes. Olli was too hyper and flew off his contacts, but on the plus side he was fast and his waits are almost rock solid now. Lily did some lovely turns, brill contacts but for the first time ever she took off like a missile off the seesaw.......twice! Somebody did say to me that they were a lighter than usual seesaw, so my aim is to train on every type possible for the next few weeks. Other than that she was very consistent and had a clear in a very tight G6 jumping. Olli also came home with a 7th in G4 jumping.
The weather was lovely, the company was also lovely and it was a very well run show with a friendly atmosphere. Maybe I am just tired as its been a busy year with a lot of emotional stresses too, and with a few early nights and some walks with the dogs I will probably be on top form again.
Still lots to look forward to with Olympia coming up, Daves first competition and some training days with some of our favourite trainers, then it will be Christmas!! .................

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