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Sunday, 9 November 2008

What an amazing weekend!!!

I am tired out, had no sleep, because we went out friday night to see our best friends off on their honeymoon to the Maldives, up early saturday morning to go shooting, had a brilliant day again with Olli picking up 9 pheasants and Becki having to go and find a lost bird, through a bog and a steep bank of nettles, cos nobody elses dog could find it. Late saturday night as I had to watch Match of The Day, and see my team Arsenal beat Man Utd!!!
Up at 6am today, sunday, to drive to Okehampton for Dartmoor agility competition. Lily & Olli loaded in the car along with Fern & Luke, bags of rolls & crisps, warm clothing & of course Rog. Husband, friend, critic & camera man!!!
1st was agility, and Lily was keen, but I messed up her seasaw and she had a pole down before refusing the tunnel in the corner again!!! What is this hang up with corner tunnels indoors?? I was a bit disappointed, but also concerned that this was becoming an issue. Anyway, next class was large jumping, and as I walked the course my heart sank. Jump, weaves, jump, tunnel. I was about to go home there and then. The 4th obstacle was a corner tunnel, so what was the point? I decided to go in, 3rd dog on the course and just work my hardest, use all my months of training to handle it the best I could. ....................as she came out that tunnel, i raced across to the next section of the course, held my breath and just went with the moment. Fluent, fast and as she cleared the last jump I cried!!! 1st clear round in her 4th ever show, and after the other 160 dogs had run, we were placed 4th! You would not believe how proud I feel tonight. Incredible, ecstatic, fullfilled, ...... raise a glass to Lily & Olli!!!!!!!xxxxxx

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Mark Laker said...

Well done for your 4th place in your 4th show - hmmmm could be a luck number. Good for you.