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Friday, 7 November 2008

Weekend events

Not had much chance to write anything this week, or do much really!! Busy week at work, been a close friends shoulder too so thank god its friday!!!

Last night Lily was excellent at training. So much so that we were top of the class, complimented by Lauren our trainer and a few others too! Her food has made a difference for sure, as she is now excited and keen as mustard. She was flying and I was actually handling her properly!! Lets hope i remember it all on sunday at the competition at Dartmoor.

Tomorrow is shooting again and Olli is already realising what day it is. He was followin me around getting my clothes ready and kept looking at me with enquiring eyes. He knows my coat and my boots now so he's ready to go!! What he doesn't know is that I have entered him in the show sunday too, his 1st one so that should be interesting!! It is all experience though and he will be good for next year i'm sure.

So not much to report, but after this weekend I would watch this space!!!

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