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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

1 more day at work!

Its Wednesday and that means only one more day at work for me. Fern & I have nearly finished the dog walk today, which has to be delivered Sunday, so I will top coat that on Friday. Cooking Mexican for tea as we have friends coming round to watch the England Germany match tonight. I don't expect we'll have a full team out but its tradition to meet up at one or others houses for the game, so looking forward to that.

Nothing much to report on the dogs, apart from I have been teaching Lily some new behaviours, and Olli is weaving upright poles today!!!! Lily has learnt to take a bow, in only 2 days, and she loves learning new things. It will also help with her contacts in agility as she uses the nose touch method. Olli is just so funny to train weaves. He has actually been a lot quicker to catch on than Lily, which surprised me. He has a totally different idea to training. He gets something right and it just clicks. He seems to log it in his brain as if to say, "right I get the idea, so I'll just do it now!"

Stan the terrier, who hardly ever gets a mention on here, has been shopping with Fern in her new car tonight. He loves going out for rides, but not too impressed with the near emergency stop at some roadworks, which rudely interrupted his gazing out the back window, and promptly and unceremoniously deposited him on the floor behind the drivers seat!!! Bless him!!!

Oh well back to cooking now. Will report after Saturdays shooting.

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