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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Missing Rog! Weekend part 1.

Well its been a funny week. Rog had to go away to work on Thursday morning and isn't back until Monday night. I totally hate it when we are apart. Thank god I have Fern to keep me amused, give me hugs and look after me. It sounds daft after 21 years together but I am one of the lucky ones, who still gets butterflies when he comes home every day, and tears when he goes away to work. Soppy tart!!

Anyway, enough silly stuff. On Thursday night Fern & I went to pick up Rogers Christmas present, a JRT x Patterdale terrier pup!! 7 weeks old yesterday and so tiny! The plan is that all the whining in the cage at night will be over when Rog gets home on Monday. So far after 2 nights, he is improving. He also amazingly has learnt to sit in just a day! Not only on command, but if you ignore his jumping up bad behaviour, he offers the sit!!! Fern has been working with him today to achieve this, and I'm impressed with him & Fern! He'll be weaving and doing perfect contacts when Rog gets back at this rate!!!!

He is too small to to introduce to our mad pack all together so we have decided to keep his cage in our lounge and when he is in there we let all the others in as usual to sit with us for the evening. There has been a mixed reaction. Stan is his usual pain in the rectum, wanting to get at him in the cage, Snuffles has ignored him totally (she has seen all the other additions arrive so whats another 1?) Becki has been very Becki, she's boss and she has told him that through the bars, Olli is fascinated and not sure what to do, and Lily, who is not a dog person, is being very good. She has said hello through the bars, watched him, tilts her head when he whines, but shown no real dislike, which is quite surprising!

All we have to do is be patient and keep this secret for 2 more days and Rog will be here!!!

(I'm counting the hours.)

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