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Saturday, 6 December 2008

weekend part 2.

OK so life goes on and its the weekend. Last night I was lucky enough to be treated to a training session with Lily, at a different venue. It was interesting. Not an amazing trainer, and I didn't learn anything new, but Lily is so different now to how she was 6 months ago that she didn't get scared by the new environment and she was really keen and competitive. I was pleased and felt a real sense of achievement in how mature and focused she has finally become. She really is going to be a dog to watch on the competition circuit next year.

Shooting today, and with Rog away, and Fern having to stay behind on "Puppy" duty it was just me and the spaniels, spicy chicken & rocket sarnies, bottle of coke, thermals and away we went.

Its getting almost boring now, to anyone who reads my dog diary, but again Olli was superb. He now goes ahead on his own, finds every bird he's meant to and brings them straight back to me as a matter of course. Ok he's not trained on different whistles, hand signals or commands like a £2000 Labrador on our shoot, but I honestly wouldn't want him to be. I know, 100% that Olli wont chase birds he's not meant to, leave my side unless I tell him to, or bugger up the next drive because he's not listening. He has a mind of his own, an enthusiastic drive that a lot of dogs would benefit from, and an amazing nose, but most of all he wants to please me and only me and that feeling cant be bought, for £2000 or £2,000,000. He has sparkle, he has personality and he is priceless.

18 pheasants he picked up today, although if Olli had his way the total would be 20, but I got kinda suspicious when the hen & cock bird he brought back at the end of the day, were already tied together with string, and I know he's good but come on!

Bless him x

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