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Saturday, 13 December 2008

My harmonious house!

I always say that its not worth getting up in the morning unless you are willing to learn something, and at 44 years old, and having had dogs all my life, I know a lot. I pride myself in listening to people with more experience, taking in advice and deciding what's good and what's maybe not so good. I spend a small fortune, and most of my time at training classes, workshops and competing or working my dogs, and running 2 businesses, a home and being with my amazing family. Sooooooooo when we added a 6th, very small, very baby terrier to our pack, I thought it would be easy. NOT!!!!
The keeping it a secret from Rog for 2 weeks, and then bringing puppy home and having him here for 4 days while Rog was away and still didn't know, was damn hard! Well worth it though when he came home and was presented with his Christmas present. The fact that this little pup was so cocky and almost aggressive towards the older, bigger dogs within the 1st 48 hours was a shock!

I've studied dog psychology, and I still wasn't prepared for what happened. I knew I couldn't just bring in a 6 week old, 6" high puppy in and throw him in with my 5. Snuffles is old & grumpy, Stanley is old but still a rat catching, chicken killing, cat humping terrier, Becki is middle aged but a strong working spaniel who would not take any sh%*, Olli is a young male, quite dominant working boy who would probably think he was a rabbit, and Lily!!! Lily is a 3 year old, wired up wrong, mad collie, who really doesn't like anyone in her space, has been known to nip quite a few faces in her time and my biggest worry.

In just 8 days, and with patience and slow individual introductions to the rest, Dave (the pup) is one of us!!!! I asked for advice from AgilityBits forum, I have chatted to Lauren, my trainer & good friend, and I did learn a few things, including from our Vet when Dave had his 1st jab, but I am still amazed that its worked in such a short time.

We are always learning, nobody ever knows it all, and however clever you think you are, there is always someone who knows more. Always be prepared to listen and you will be a better person.

Shooting was cancelled today because the weather was so appalling, we had floods all around here, and I was so gutted as it is my special time with Olli & Becki, and they were ready to go!

Oh well, next week hopefully and then CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

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