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Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Oh my god, how excited was I on sunday!!!!
Lily got a clear round in both her classes, and was 2nd in the Steeplechase so got her 1st Trophy!!!!

I cried, naturally, and have not stopped smiling since. She is starting to gain speed with her confidence, so can push even more now, without worrying her. I think this may be the 1st of many! What a lovely day. Olli only got 1 jump wrong in steeplechase, and 5 faults in the jumping, so I was thrilled with him too. He'll soon be in the placings.
Jo also got a 2nd and a clear with Jess which was fab, and Fern was great support as always. Such a shame Rog wasn't there as he had to work, but he'll be there next time.
What a brilliant weekend. 13 hours from when we left home at 6am to when we arrived back at 7pm, for 1 minute 48 seconds in a ring over 4 runs!!!! Yes its worth every hour.

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