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Friday, 23 January 2009

Quietish week.

Well not much to tell this week. Work has been busy so I have been a bit lazy in the evenings.
Rog & Fern took Dave puppy training on wednesday and he is really coming on well. Not sick in the car on the last 2 outings so thats good. I started decorating our bedroom while they were out. Been meaning to for 6 months and its starting to look so much better already.
Thursday night I couldn't take Olli training as he has a huge swollen lip. I think its a puncture wound just on the inside that has caused it, but its hanging very low and looks fit to burst, which I hope it will later. Lily went though, and didn't make a single mistake. She was flying and really concentrating. Really seeing a top dog now so looking forward to the season ahead.
Today I was meant to be training but had to postpone that so back to the decorating and housework. Just hope Olli will be ok for shooting tomorrow. Should be fine though as he is not bothered by his lip at all and I am covering it hourly with St James Balm so it should be loads better by then. Only 1 more week until the season ends.

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