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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Penultimate days picking up.

We are nearly at the end of the shooting season and I set off today alone, with an Olli with a fat lip. Since his visit to the vet yesterday, and the tablets being administered he is starting to look more like his handsome self once more. Fern had taken Luke to college for enrolment today so it was just me and Olli who stood in the trees for the 1st drive. Ever keen, ever focused, Olli stood and watched the skies. Pretty soon I had 2 birds by my side, without any help or a word from me. I rarely use my whistle these days, and the lead is hanging in the back of my truck with cobwebs on it!!! He is amazing. By lunchtime he had picked up 6 good birds, and sat in the back of the truck looking very content. To my surprise Fern text me as we finished lunch, to see where we were as she was back from college and wanted to come down for the rest of the day. I was thrilled. She arrived for the afternoon drives and we had a giggle, and Olli continued to work hard. 8 birds at the finish which is pretty good for this time of year, as not many birds are left now.
1 more week and then Olli will become agility spaniel full time until October.
Tonight I am cooking Chinese, and we are having a family games night in. A nice fun but relaxing end to a good days shooting.


Greg said...

awww bless him!! He looks very good and professional in the picture :D lol.
Do not many people go pickin up on your shoot?

We've been beating and picking up this year (: ( Sometimes there is to many people picking up or not enough beaters)

It ends 1st of feb :o! noo!
sian marley and ash x

Greg said...

as you can see, i have yet to get my OWN google sign in thingy! :p


Sian, Marley & Ash

Dani said...

Hi Sian!!
Cant reply to Greg as its not public profile! Anyway, hope you read this. Yes its our last one tomorrow and I'm gutted. :-(
We have too many picker ups sometimes, but I am one of the original official ones so although its annoying, I still get to pick up. If you read back a few weeks on blog you will see how cross I have been sometimes!!
Have fun on saturday!