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Friday, 9 January 2009

Daves training begins!

Not blogged for a week, but its been a manic week!
1st the office computer died, losing all our data and everything from the hard drive, then my bosses house burst a pipe in the loft and deposited gallons of water and a large chunk of ceiling on the hall floor, so not had time to think really.

Anyway, between the madness, Dave started puppy training on Wednesday. His 1st outing, and he started well...........terrier boldness, small dog syndrome, barking and growling as the larger puppies came in! Fern was a bit taken aback, but with some treats and gentle persuasion he was very soon focusing on the task at hand. In fact he didn't take any notice of the others after that, apart from being slightly excited by a large, rambunctious boxer puppy, but that's not bad for a 1st time. Really pleased with him, and looking forward to seeing him progress.

He is going to be a challenge, and is too bright for his own good but that is
what will make him a good agility dog.
He certainly wont be boring!!!!!

Last night it was the start back of agility training, and Olli is now back in class. I haven't trained him for 3 months, so he could concentrate on the shooting season, so I wasn't expecting him to be brill. However I was wrong. He was so excited when we arrived, pulling me into the gate and wiggling so much with enthusiasm! He was brilliant! Focused, fast and fab!!!! He even did 8 upright weaves which he has never done at class and only been practising 4 uprights for a week, and bounced 2 jumps about 12 ft apart!!!! Amazed.
Lily had moved up a group, with grade 4- 6 dogs, (she is grade 1) so I was anxious as how she would settle with 5 new dogs, and the harder exercises. She is a pro. Not bothered at all with the others and did every exercise brilliantly. She is my star and I don't think she'll be in grade 1 for very long!!!
1st show of the year this Sunday at Cornwall, so fingers crossed for them both. Dave will be coming for some more socialising and spectating. Lets hope he learns something!!

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