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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Cups, London & a dogs life!

What a great weekend! Fern & Luke were left in charge of the dogs while Rog & I took the train to Paddington. Plymouth Argyle, (our home team) facing Arsenal (my premiership team) in the FA cup at the Emirates Stadium. So excited, and we had tickets for the upper tier, right on the halfway line. We have never been to a premiership stadium, and The Emirates is pretty much 1 of the best, but I was gob smacked when we saw it for the 1st time.

It is very impressive, and the atmosphere as we walked in was amazing. 60,000 fans filled the stadium, and it was a good match. Rog & I walked around afterwards, just enjoying being there.

Eventually got a cab back to the hotel (tube was too packed!) showered, changed and after a drink in the bar we walked to Leicester Square, soaked up the whole London experience, the lights, the people and found a Spanish Tapas bar just off the square, where we enjoyed various dishes, a bottle of wine and talked by candle light.

Back at the Hotel, we had a few liqueurs in the bar, which was aptly called The Lazy Dog! Home from home then!

Meanwhile back home, Fern was texting us with events and photos of how everyone was behaving. Olli had howled when I left Saturday morning but she then took him & Becki for a walk and he was fine, Lily & Dave went for a run together and then played on the icy decking, video of which we watched when we got home. So sweet how Lily is with him, and he is 100% family now. He finally settled down on a chair, with Uncle Spit the cat putting him in his place. The most laid back cat in the world ever, who really is the top "dog" in this household. All our dogs & cats respect him and love him, and I have never known him get his claws out or be nasty to anyone. Bless him.

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