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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Shooting with both dogs.

Well its been a good day! Olli & Becki were very determined they were going shooting today. Becki has missed a few weeks, just because she is not the easiest of dogs, and last week we were in London so they both missed out. This morning they were whining and following me everywhere, making sure I couldn't leave without them!

Whether its coincidence, or rather clever dogs (which I like to think) I will never know, but they were both absolute angels today! Olli is normally my star, but even he was extra well behaved today, and Becki was actually off the lead most of the time and worked really well!! Do you think they had a chat this morning in their kennels, and agreed that they would be on best behaviour in case I chose football over them again?

It was not a huge day for birds, and I had to miss 2 drives so I could pick Fern up from her skid pan driving test, so Olli only had 4 and Becki just the 1, but they were all in thick undergrowth and all perfect retrieves to my hand.

At the end of the days shooting, when they counted up the birds I was thrilled to win the "Bag". Every week we all have a guess at the final count, and the guns put £2 each in the bag so someone gets a little extra bonus for their hard work. Last week it was a roll over, so there was £26 in the bag. 6 years I've been going and its the 1st time I've won it. Needless to say I came home and gave Fern & Luke £10 each to treat themselves, and have also just cooked a little treat for the dogs dinner. After all, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have won.

Early start tomorrow as we have to leave at 6am to get to our 1st agility show of the season. The way my luck is going we should bring at least 1 rosette home!!!! Olli is certainly not overworked after today, and Lily is fresh as a daisy and raring to go. Better go and get video camera and kit ready. What a fab way to spend a weekend!!!

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