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Monday, 29 September 2008

What a weekend!!!!

Well, what a weekend! Friday was fab. Got up & went for a run with Lily and felt good, although unfit but I mean to change that. 2 hours getting right up to date with our 1st business paperwork, R J Electrical Solutions Ltd, our main company nearing its 2nd birthday! Then did some much needed spring cleaning and left the house for some me time for a change around noon. Visited my best mate, and then my mum, did some shopping and felt chilled. Met Fern for a drink at our local then we all went out to see some friends and watch a band to finish the day off perfectly.

Sat morning, up early, sun shining and we (Fern & me) left the guys having a lie in and went out with 4 dogs for a lovely walk. Sun shining, pheasants in the morning mist, 2 red deer on the far side of a field stopped to watch us go by and we were looking forward to my friends wedding at lunch time. As we neared our garden gate, our landlords spaniels were all on our drive. Disaster!!! They pitched in to Lily. I had her on a lead and all I could do was spin her round, pick her up and wait for them to be un-ceromoniously scattered by their owner. I was gutted, and shaking. Poor Lily tries to avoid trouble if she can and is doing so well being sociable but is this a set back? All I can do is wait and see how she reacts at training on thursday. 4 springers at her tail probably hasn't helped! So wish we could move house!!!!! Anyway, no injuries thank goodness and the wedding was amazing, although I really just wanted to come home and be with my dogs. Poor Olli watched in horror as it was his mother & sisters attacking his best friend. What a confused boy!

Sunday we went to Cardiff to see our all time favourite band, followed them since the 80's and they were awesome!!!

So on the whole, a busy and emotional weekend!!! I need another 1 to get over it!!!!

Life is a roller coaster!

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Mark Laker said...

sorry to hear about your dogs getting beaten up, hope they are ok. By the way, who are your all time fav band?