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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Nearly the weekend!!!!!

Well its thursday, and thank goodness my last day of the week. Working 4 days a week does make life so much better. More time with my dogs, training and walking, learning all the time and thats me not the dogs! It amazes me that although my favourite girl Lily, who is a leggy sleek collie (is starting to compete now and we're hoping for a clear this weekend), my "working" gun dog Spaniel, (who is just 14 months and has proved himself outstanding at picking up pheasants at the end of last season), is looking faster and even keener at agility!!!!

Problem is, the old school gun dog people said I couldn't train a decent gun dog to do agility................. red rag to a bull I'm afraid, but even I am suprised just how much he is excelling at it. Started proper weave training with him last weekend, and already got the idea of the 1st 4 poles being upright, and at 90 MPH!!!!! Lily you got to watch your back! Although in fairness at home Lily is very fast too, she just needs to build that con fidence when we are out in public.

Oh well, back to the grindstone for a few hours and then get ready for show on sunday! Will we get our 1st clear? watch this space!.............

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