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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Well what a fab weekend. I have been to my 1st show with Lily and it was by no means a disaster! My handling let her down a bit, (nerves did get the better of me) and she was a bit unsure of all the other dogs, but this is a dog who had to leave her 1st training session after 5 minutes because she was so totally frantic and wired!!!

I am on a high. She has the potential to be a good agility dog, maybe not top grade but certainly mid way. The thing is, most important to me, she tried and gave her all. She is genuine, and if she can she will do her best to please me. So many dogs I saw over the weekend who were just p"*& takers. No intention of trying at all.

The other big note from the weekend was the amount of people out there, who are quite honestly bad handlers, who blame their dogs! 2 or 3 times in the sace of 10 minutes on one ring we heard, "bitch" or "you idiot" screeched at the poor dog who was trying to work out through pure telepathy where he was meant to be going! Some of these guys were really hot dogs, who in the right guidance would be 1st class, but unfortunately had morons for owners who just expected them to mind read. My handling was poor, but I know that and I know I can improve but I would never blame my dog!

Oh well, "ther'es nout so queer as folk"

Onwards and upwards. I had a blast and I will continue to do so.

Love Lily, she is my heroin. xx

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