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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Ollis last training night.

Well I'm off to training in a minute and it will be the last 1 for Olli til after christmas. I think its better to do 1 thing at a time, and the shooting season starts in 2 weeks so he needs to focus on that now. He has only been on the shoot field 3 times at the end of last season, as he was only 8 months old, but he is a natural gifted game dog. He has been really enjoying agility, and I think next yr he will be competing and winning, but for now I need calm focused gun dog.

He is so responsive to me & the whistle and so keen I think this year he will be the top picking up dog in our shoot! So looking forward to the season.

Anyway, now I am starting 2 nights a week with Lily for agility so I will be busy!!! I should be pretty fit come Christmas!!!!

No more work til Monday either!!! Yay!! Friends wedding saturday and off to Cardiff to a gig on sunday so wont be bored!!!

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