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Sunday, 5 October 2008

An interesting week

Well its been a fairly uneventful week. Working for somebody else, and just the average week...........until thursday. Last weekend I decided to make up some leaflets about our agility equipment and asked our local pet shop and vets to put some out for me. We also spent hours over a couple of evenings, designing a final logo for the business and uploaded it to our new web site. So thursday my phone rang with a lady who runs a local Dog Training club. Had picked up a leaflet and wanted to order 1 set of standard weaves and 1 set of channel weaves!!! Great excitement! So I spent yesterday undercoating 24 weave poles, while Rog went welding and made the 1st set of frames. This morning I went for a run with Lily & Olli (decided I better start getting fit again!) Nearly home and Olli spotted a wounded pheasant on the track. He shot over, picked it carefully up and brought it straight to me!! Really pleased as the season starts next saturday and I was wondering if he would remember what to do! Got back to check my e mails and we have our 1st enquiry for equipment from our website!!! Things are looking up.

So on top of Plymouth beating Sheffield Wednesday 4-0 yesterday, Olli doing a perfect retrieve, work coming in for our new venture, and now we are about to leave for Wolverhampton to see our fave band again!!!! This time we are meeting them for food and drinks 1st. Sooooo excited!!!!! Life is so good!!!

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