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Friday, 10 October 2008

Shooting season begins!

Well another week has gone by, another week older and another week nearer to Christmas!! Ferns car is sick so in the hospital since yesterday morning, which is a shame as its her 1st little car and she loves driving, but hopefully its not too serious. Lily had her 1st new "Go On" class on monday and got bowled over & growled at by a horrible labrador. Spent the next 10 minutes shaking and glued to my leg, unable to work away from me at all!! She didn't even look at him! Anyway she did recover by the end of the class, which proves how much better she is now than 6 months ago. Thursday class was some interesting course handling excercises, including weird weave entries and she was brilliant. Speeding up by the week now, and i finally feel like my handling is doing her justice. We will see how she gets on at Mark & Karen Lakers in 2 weeks time with a whole new environment and new dogs around her.

Have been running again this week and it feels good. Bought some decent shoes for agility too so got a good excuse to win lots next year!

Tomorrow is Ollis 1st day shooting since the end of January. I am so excited. All my kit is ready, my check list too so Rog doesn't have to run errands of bringing my flask (left on kitchen side) or my whistle (still hanging on hook) or god forbid my dogs!!! No I have never forgotten them really. I am expecting Olli to be OTT when we 1st arrive at the meet, but am quietly confident that he is going to very soon slip into work mode and be a real assett. Fingers crossed I'm right as I have been slightly boasting as to how well he has come on. Could have egg on my face!!!

Well I'm off to paint more weave poles for a customer, then its England football tomorrow. Will they still be on form? Theo Walcott should be! Come on England!!!!!

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