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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Lily training.

Not much news this week. Had a great afternoon on sunday training at Mark & Karens. Lily was good. Bit of a clown with some of the tunnel work, but nothing to worry about. She was fine being in a different environment with a lot of new dogs so that was rewarding.

Having a few days off work to spend with Fern as its half term, and its cold, wet and miserable! Floods around Honiton today, roads closed in all directions and 2 feet of hail in Ottery!!!! Unbelievable. Thunder woke me up last night, and we lost power for a while but i suppose it is winter. Snuffles my old Sprollie had blood tests and urine tests this week. Seems like her kidneys are starting to feel their age. She is on antibiotics and Propalin to try and stop her incontinence but we have to see how she goes. Carpet shampooer working overtime at the mo!! Poor old girl. She is so fit and lively in every way I just hope she can get over this blip and continue to enjoy life for a bit longer.
This was Snuffles a few weeks ago. Hardly acts or looks like an old dog! She is 13 though so we just have to keep fingers crossed.

Dartmoor show next week, and UKA the week after then thats it for this year. Good job I have shooting to keep me occupied!!!

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