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Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

Just a quick Happy New Year to you all, before I settle down for a relaxing afternoon watching films and doing nothing.

The sun is shining and it is a gorgeous first day of 2010, so we had a lovely walk with the dogs. For the first time we tried taking Dave with the others, although we alternated him & Cove on a lead to avoid any nasty scenes. Surprisingly, although Dave kept looking at Cove with interest, he was very good and it was a relaxing walk. We had a mess about on the jumps in the field while we were out and it proves a point on how much dogs love agility. A 20 Acre field with no fencing, and all the dogs running free, but as soon as I called and headed towards the jumps, Lily & Olli took the route over the poles, when it would have been much easier to go around. Even more astonishing for me that Olli did a few jumps and totally switched on to me, even though his gundog spaniel "Partner in crime" Becki was hedge hunting nearby. Dave had a quick go and proved that if he can focus he will be a small champ!!

All 3 together was quite funny. Cove watched it all with a keen eye bless him.

Serious training starts next week as I have some big goals for 2010 and Lily.

If Olli continues as he has been who knows how far he will go too?!

Bring it on!

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