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Monday, 18 January 2010

Blue Monday

According to THEM whoever THEY might be, today is Blue Monday. Its all been worked out mathematically to be the 1st Monday we realise Christmas is all over, its cold miserable, we are all in debt and have by now failed on our New Yr resolutions. Interesting but poppy cock!!

Its all state of mind, and my current state of mind is very positive. Non smoking still going ok, although I admit to the odd one, but am still determined to phase those out. Getting fitter slowly too, walking faster and on longer walks with Lily, doing my bit on the Wii Fit board, and training hard now with the dogs at agility. My wall planner is up, all shows that I can I have entered up to June, and Lily & Olli are fit and working hard on the bits they need.

Olli currently has a thorn injury in a pad so missed last week training, but he will soon recover. However it prompted a walk to the beach yesterday, so he could get some good salt water in his wound. We just took Olli & Cove and it was a beautiful day, but the sea was rough and both dogs were very unsure. I think the noise of the pebbles rolling back with the surf freaked them out a bit, but they soon got over it. Rog took some lovely photos while Fern & I had fun on the beach.

So I have a gorgeous hubby, fantastic daughter, 6 wonderful dogs and a whole new year to look forward to and goals to reach. Blue Monday??? More like Joyful January with Fabulous February just around the corner!


Kirsty said...

Seems like the only blue thing about your Monday was the beautiful sky :o)

Dani said...

Yep!! And now its Wet Wednesday! lol x