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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Coves first woodland walk.

After a fabulous dinner party last night, with some old friends, both Roger & Fern had very sore heads this morning, so I suggested a walk with Cove Lily & Olli might be what they needed. I decided that some lead walking down the lane would be good for a change, followed by a run across a few fields, climb through some hedges and then enjoy the woods that surround our farm. Cove has not been to the woods and he loved it.

There was a horse rider along the lane, and apart from a little bark Cove coped fine with this new experience. He follows Lily a lot and there is almost a friendship developing with her now. She is finding him quite good fun, and Cove has total respect for her so that helps.

It also proved Cove has a recall now. He came back to all 3 of us at different times during the walk, and is starting to look and act quite grown up.

We cut through the fields and back to our little training patch and all 3 dogs had a quick blast, Cove loving the tunnel and Lily & Olli whizzing through the weaves!

It definitely cleared everyones head, and I think after the huge fry up I have just cooked, there may well be some snoozing on the sofa this afternoon. Dogs & humans!


Kirsty said...

Sounds and looks perfect :)

Dani said...

It was Kirsty. Shame works stops us doing it more often! x