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Friday, 5 February 2010

Not a bad week.

Its been one of those weeks where work has just ticked over, Rog has been busy so we haven't had much time together, and nothing much to report.

However on the dog front, which is the main reason for this blog, its been an interesting week. Dave has been up to the field nearly every day, training over jumps, tunnels & Seesaw as well as channel weaves, and he loves it. Very fast and keen, so potentially a great small agility dog as long as he continues to find it more fun than chasing moving prey! We walked him with Cove for the first time, and although I muzzled Dave for safety he didn't attempt to be nasty to Cove, and in fact ran and played for a while. Progress is being made!

Cove started his puppy foundation training, and was extremely well behaved. Crate games were a breeze, focus was great but his lead walking was a bit mad! We have bought him a gentle leader since then and he walks beautifully on that, getting used to it in just a few minutes. Better than yanking his neck like he was. He too is enjoying practicing start line waits, running through the tunnel, which he loves, and even a few wing wraps. Nothing intense at his age but he really is a natural, so the breeding obviously works.

Finally, 3 months late again, Lily has started her season, so although it means missing a workshop we had planned for tomorrow, it also means that she will be finished before our first show, and clear all year, so I wont be missing any at all this year!! Yay!!

Olli has finished shooting now for the summer, and maybe just maybe he will not go again next year. He is so much better at agility than I thought he would be, I am beginning to think I will concentrate on that, and not risk injuries from wire etc on the farm land we shoot. He is an amazing gundog to work, but sometimes decisions have to be made for the dogs best interest. We'll see what happens over the summer.

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