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Monday, 25 January 2010

Succesful weekend.

Olli, having recovered from his awful sore paw, was raring to go shooting on Saturday and wouldn't let me out of his sight until we were in the truck! Its slim pickings now as its the last week of the season, but he was as good as ever and picked up 5 pheasants and a Woodcock, so I was thrilled. Fern wanted to try Sid her new Daihatsu off road, so she came down and we set off after lunch, down a long winding muddy track and into a very soggy field, hoping that she wouldn't get stuck, but knowing there were plenty of trucks about to pull her out if needed.
Needn't have worried, he was great! No problem through the mud at all, and fern was grinning from ear to ear.
Sunday we went to Somerset and then up to Malmesbury Wiltshire to deliver some weaves to customers. Fern stayed at home on dog sitting duty. Apart from the fact they have been working on the M4 for as long as I can remember, we had a good journey and what a very pretty & tidy village Leigh is, just outside Malmesbury. I love the Sand stone they use for building in that part of the world.
No more orders at the moment so hoping Rog will get my A Frame & dog walk finished this week. Will be nice to actually have some equipment for me!! Oh well, you know what they say about a Cobblers family...................

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